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This wiki is the think tank of sorts intended to faciliate discussion and decisions regarding a proposed association to represent independent publishers. Who are independent publishers? Well, all of you. When we talk about independent publishers we are talking about bloggers, podcasters, wiki editors and other independent content creators. At the moment no one really represents you where representation could really be helpful - outside the boundaries of our community.


What is this whole thing all about?


The recent 2007 SA Blog Awards and increased media interest in social media revealed a need for an industry association that can represent the interests of the independent publishers' community in mainstream media and wherever else it may be needed. The idea is not to start dictating to the community but rather to become the voice of the community so this is your chance to become involved, if you would like to be involved.


This association is also going to be a powerful way to showcase the tremendous talent you all express in your content. Blog, podcasts, wikis and the next great tools are going to change the way South Africa does what it does on the Web and you are all at the forefront of that wave of change. We would like to use this association to build a far greater awareness of your content and the possibilities these tools represent. As more people learn about new media (and social media in particular), they become more active on the Web which translates into more vibrant online experiences and communities.


How will this help you?


There are two needs that this association could address.



What do you have to do?


Nothing actually. Being a part of this association will be voluntary. If you would like to be part of this association then we invite you to help us build on the ideas we have presented above and help us refine this association's objectives, the way it will operate and how it can best work for you so join in on the conversation.


The password is community.


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PLAYERS in this space:


I guess what I'm looking for is a more centralised approach to take advantage of long tail economics within South Africa. Individually - our top blogs only get about 120,000 page impressions a month (taking a wild flyer here based on some satopsites / stats. 4000 per day x 30. By itself - that's nothing. With 20 other sites, using a consolidated ad placing platform... you have a community of ad targets.


Then of course an Association to pull in members and look after the rights and standards of social media / publishing content in the country...



1. Writing a consolidated ad serving platform.

2. Tie in with Google Adwords (to a degree - traffic simply not high enough. And while the $100 cheque is nice - it doesn't put bread on the table!)

3. People to show interest in an association.

4. Form task team of the back of events such as 27 Dinners.

5. Examine the models of American blog conglomerates (B2 network I think? - 9rules is another one to look at)

6. Tie this all back to strategically relevant, sound business propositions.




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